Wednesday, December 5, 2012


It’s been a long while since I’ve posted a blog (March 26, 2012). Much of that had to do with being so busy last Spring; during June and July, I was away in California and then Australia; and finally I just stopped writing a weekly column.

I’m telling myself that it’s time to start again.

This re-start, I think, ought to be different. The world has changed a great deal since I began my weekly columns in Gay Chicago Magazine in 1992. Then it appeared in print, weekly. Gradually I gained some email readership. Eventually I had more than 4,000 readers.

Bogs have generally replaced columns. Though many columnists are still writing, I see that they are also blogging.

Blogs tend, I see, to be shorter, more personal and more frequent. I like that idea.

Here then are today’s thoughts.

Slightly more than two years ago I posted a profile describing myself as the DarkLordinChicago, a whole new persona for me. I sought to embrace what I felt were extreme, intense and dark side aspects of my hidden self. It was a mixture of lust, curiosity and a quest to become both more authentic and more whole.

The questions that such a quest raises are myriad and not very easily explained in the context of the 21st century. How does one deal, essentially, with evil, with selfishness, with dark desire?

I see the general “theater of  kink” as an attempt to explore and express that which each of holds deeply (and usually quite hidden) within ourselves. It is that desire to explore and express that keeps me involved in the world of kink.

That said, I am quick to remember that “the world of kink” ought to be fun. Let the psychology, the sociology and the theology of all of what it is that we do take second place to happiness, self-fulfillment, contentment and honest fellowship.

Have a great day.

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