Friday, December 7, 2012

The Symphony

One of the significant advantages to living in Chicago is the wide variety and high quality of its cultural life, among which the Chicago Symphonic Orchestra is at the top of my list. I write that the morning after I attended yet another of their stellar performances. As Patrick says, “No one ever feels sorry for you, Sir.”

A good scene is like a great symphonic orchestra: the right people, talent, time, fantasy, equipment and the ability to “play well together.”

What do you consider when you consider having a scene? Do you look at all the variables? And what do you consider for the long term?

Like an expert rendition of a symphony, a concerto or a fugue, great sex takes “all of the above.” There is an unspoken (and erroneous) myth that “sex is natural.” Well, of course it is, if in “sex” you mean the simple act of intercourse. Anyone can figure out that the outie part of the guy fits into the innie part of the woman.

But I am not talking about reproduction. I am talking about the art of great sex. What are you doing to improve your art?

Do you research great methodology? Listen to great teachers? Discuss the action with your partner? Make plans to achieve the best? Do you practice? Do you review and critique in a healthy way?

If you think that just showing up is all it takes, you are kidding yourself. Art takes work, serious committed work.

I usually have great sex. I have my partners to thank for that, of course. I would like to note, though, that it doesn’t come “naturally.” Let me be quick to add, though, that it is worth the effort. Ask any musician in the CSO and he or she will agree.

Have a great day. Jack

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