Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Catching Up

It doesn't seem possible that the last blog I wrote was posted on July 8, but that is the correct date. So here I am, more than two months later, writing. The only excuse is that I was busy. "Busy doing what?" you may ask.

Let's see: interviewing object applicants, gardening, finishing and publishing my first novel, building some new dungeon furniture, reading about Jung's interpretation of the "dark side," digging a fish pond and preparing to retire.

So where do I start?

Many people think I'm younger than I really am, so they are surprised to hear that I turn 65 soon. That means I'll finally have health insurance once again. It also means that I can collect a regular check from Social Security. Boy has this changed my financial life.

I think I've written that I have replanted my garden from vegetables to flowers in order to provide a place for butterflies to feed. I didn't know that doing so would also attract Golden Finches to eat the flower seeds. It has been fun to garden and even more fun to watch the butterflies.

Then I decided to build a little fountain, to which I then added a little pool, and then some little water plants, and finally a little gold fish. Well the little gold fish has grown and I have caught the garden pond bug. I'm digging pond (4 ft by 4 ft and 4 ft deep). No wonder I'm looking for slaves. Digging a pond is hard work!

That gives me a natural segue to my dungeon. Searching for an object to own (I prefer to call it a "dark slave") requires that I have the proper space to keep it. That means that my dungeon has to be well-equipped with bondage devices, there needs to various bolts in the house to attach it to for proper storage, and that specialized tools will be available for its treatment.

So I had Patrick buy a food chopper so the object could more easily eat its food out of a bowl without using its hands. I bolted a hook to the floor underneath the desk where it will work and another one under the porch so that it could be outside when we were. I know this shows an extra amount of care on my part, but that just indicates what a wonderful master I am.

I also made the effort to buy it a set of shackles on ebay. Considerate, aren't I?

I began accepting applications for an object in the middle of last November. To date, 187 men have contacted me, each of them sending me their email address, their chat ID and many of them their phone number. I find that I get (on the average) two new applicants a week and that most of them don't last very long before the conversation is over. You can read more about this on my website at ""  

On the other hand, at present I have four men on the active "short list." All of them are making plans to come for a trial visit. The first one arrived on last Tuesday. His "trial period" was cut short by the flu. That meant that it spent most of its time sleeping and not doing much else. On the other hand it confirmed for him that my dungeon felt like home to him and that I was a capable master. We both hope that it's healthier for its next visit.

The big news, of course, is that my first novel, "The Dionysian Alliance," is finally finished, in print, and for sale. As I say in one of my promotional blurbs: "When you throw in a few glasses of wine, sex and religion mix very well. Add the mysterious murder of a temple prostitute and you have the makings of a great story." You can read a free preview of the book at

There are times when I think that writing a book is easier than selling it. This is one of those times. With the thousands of books published each year, the competition for notice is quite high. Here is where friends like you can help. Forward this email on to your friends. Post it on a newsgroup. Go to, search for "Dionysian Alliance," and click on the "like" button. Buy the book, read it, and write a review of it. Any or all of those actions will help. Thanks in advance.

The book is available in both print and electronic form. Go to to read more information about "The Dionysian Alliance."

Buying one of my books helps to pay for the cost of this email. Please visit my website to make a purchase. Have a great week. Jack

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  1. Sir, have become a follower of your blog since coming across it and reading of Your search for an object. As that is a subject i am most curious, intrigued, drawn to, and frightened of, Sir, it got my interest and attention. Sir, hoping to hear more of Your updates on Your search for Your object. Sir, thank You, Sir.