Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Where Are You on the Continuum?

Except for gardening I've not had a lot to do recently so, as you probably gathered, I'm been spending more time cruising for more slaves. Some applicants are looking for a more traditional service role and others are looking for an intensive and degrading kind of ownership. Most, of course, have no idea what the are seeking.

So I began thinking about the continuum of control: 1. We're equals Mister. Get over it. 2. A little give and take is fun. 3. I'll do most of what you say. 4. I like pleasing people. 5. Can we do it in the dungeon only? 6. It's OK for role play. 7. I want to serve you. 8. I want to be your slave and 9. I want to obey you always.

And then my mind went wild. What about the other fetishes: Whipping, Scat, Piss, Control, Sex, Bondage, Ass play, Genital torture, Needles, Tit work, Breath Control, Caging, Puppy Play, Humiliation and Verbal Abuse? Voila I had a survey.

So do me a favor, huh? Click on the link below and fill it out. Sorry only one response per computer.

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